10-1/2" American Walnut Gavel
Made in USA and made from genuine walnut. This is a fine gavel that displays well. You can customize our message on this brass band.
10-1/2" Ebony Gavel
10-1/2" Ebony Gavel. This black gavel is the perfect mate with our ebony sound block. Our black gavel are very difficult to find and extremely elegant. The gavel comes with a metallic silver finish band that can be custom engraved...
10-1/2" Oak Gavel
Made in the USA from genuine oak. You can see the natural beauty and grain of the oak in this gavel. Customize your special message on the brass band.
10-1/4" Genuine Wooden Gavel
Wooden Gavel Only. Perfect gift for a lawyer, judge, president of the club, auctioneer, etc.
Sold Out
24" Great Gavel
24" gavel made of Rock Maple Wood. Includes free engraved brass engraving band.
Sold Out
36" Decorator Gavel
Really make your point with our 36" Decorator Gavel. Designed as a collector's piece, conversation starter or to bring a party to order, this unique gavel is always a hit.   AMERICAN RED OAK 36" GAVEL W/BRASS ENGRAVING BAND
8" American Walnut Gavel
Made in USA. This 8" gavel is made from genuine American Walnut. This gavel has a natural walnut finish. You can customize the real brass band with your special message.
Sold Out
8" Gold Finish Gavel
Made in USA. This 8" gavel is unique and will certainly grab your attention. This gavel is beautifully finished in gold color. You can customize the real brass band with your special message.
Sold Out
8" Solid Brass Gavel
8" Solid Brass Gavel
9" x 12" Gavel Plaque
Includes 10-1/2" American Walnut gavel and brass plate.
Sold Out
Acrylic Gavel Set
Acrylic Gavel Set features a clear acrylic gavel and sound block
American Rosewood Gavel Set
* 10-1/2" American Rosewood Gavel* American Rosewood Sound Block* Free Engraving on Brass Gavel Band* Sound Block can be laser engraved and color filled
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