Where to buy gavels for your Model United Nations Conference

It's the start of the academic year and your school or college is setting up and selecting members for your Model United Nations (MUN) club - great news!

MUN is a fantastic opportunity for our country's young minds to flourish, thinking about the biggest topics facing our world today, and developing debating skills, emotional intelligence and a deep understanding of global economies, humanitarian issues and governance.

Once you've had some practice, your club will definitely want to hold or attend a Model United Nations Conference! MUN Conferences are organised events where attendees assume the role of national ambassadors or representatives to debate global issues. A Model United Nations Conference can be held within the members of your club, or the largest MUN Conferences in the US can accommodate around 3,000 delegates!

Hosting a MUN Conference is no small feat, and you can find lots of information online from sites such as bestdelegate.com and wisemee.com on what you need to think about in preparation.

But, where can you buy gavels for your MUN Conference?
Look no further! GavelsFast can help to ease your MUN Conference preparation woes with our range of gavel, trophy, desk sign and commemorative plaque options.

GavelsFast genuine wooden gavel

Gavel options
We stock a range of gavels and gavel + sound block sets, offering free custom engraving on all gavel bands. Our gavels are available in a range of prices to suit different budgets and requirements.

Wooden gavel and sound block set

Gavel + sound block sets
Just like our gavel-only options, our gavel sets come in a range of woods and price points, to suit your organisation. Gavel band engraving is still included, and there is an option to laser engrave the top of the sound block for an additional cost. Why not add your school's emblem for an extra touch of class?

Custom name plates
If you're planning on hosting a large conference, you might like to consider purchasing desk signs with committee and/or country information for your delegates. Again, custom engraving is included!

Gavel gift plaque

Commemorative plaques
For the most prestigious MUN prizes, make the recipient feel really special with a commemorative plaque! You can shop our range of plaques here. Custom engraving is included in the plaque cost.

GavelsFast support the Model United Nations community and we provide gavels to a number of schools and colleges across the United States. We are delighted to offer bulk discount pricing on a number of our most popular products to MUN teams and conferences; we offer quick turnaround, free shipping and a friendly and helpful team. Please get in touch by emailing info@gavelsfast.com to request more information on our volume discount pricing.

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